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My World of Aliens and Cats


So who am I?  I recently published A Test of Alien Alliance through Xlibris, using the pen name Norma Druid.  That’s what I use for Science Fiction, since I write non-fiction articles for under my own name, Catherine F. Hill.  I also paint cats like my gravatar.  Usually, I paint on small wooden or paper mache boxes, door hangers, kleenex boxes, and similar items for sale at craft fares.  I would love to find a market to make my cats into greeting cards and calendars!

The portrait below, which appears on the back cover of A Test of Alien Alliance is a very good image of me done in 1999 by my late father, Fulton L. Peay.  This was just two years before he died, and I am proud to display his work in remembrance.  He taught me a lot and encouraged my creativity.

Norma Druid/Catherine F. Hill

Author and Painter