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Book Signing at the AARP Convention 9/23-24/11

Book Signing for A Test of Alien Alliance
My Book Signing Experience

Thiw was an exciting experience.  I had never expected the kind of enthusiasm Author Solutions showed for my work.  It was great talking to all kinds of people about science fiction.  I was especially glad to sign books as gifts for young people.  Anything we can encourage them to read is good!

I was also surprised to see what a diverse group of people was interested in literate science fiction.  A Test of Alien Alliance is the result of my son’s asking me to write him a Star Trek story some years ago.  After messing around with fanzine-type fiction for a while, I decided to make my own universe.  Once I retired, I had the time and wherewithal at least to begin making my dream come true.
Currently, I’m writing a prequel, Befriending Aliens, which should come out next February.  I really love the writing experience.